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Let’s Make 360 Panorama Photos!

It all started with a NY Times Virtual Reality viewer that came with my newspaper!  It blew my mind how when I strapped my phone into the cardboard viewer and viewed some of the VR videos!  So interactive! I was so excited and ready to adapt this new technology for the classroom but as I did a little research, there is a question if the viewers are safe for children under age 13.  I think, for now, I will pass on the cardboard vr viewers until further notice.  Instead,I am ready to explore 360 degree panorama pictures for education!

Let’s start with taking a 360 degree photo! You can download the “Street View” Google app but I found the picture taking process a little cumbersome compared to the   “360 Panorama Occipital app.  Just load the app, find a 360 degree worthy vista, hold up your iPhone, press the button and start to turn around slowly.  After you finish your first rotation, circle around for the sky/ceiling and then a third time to capture the ground/floor. Download and share using the 360 email option, which generates a link.

The Bronx Botanical Garden Conservatory 360!

What do you think?  I would love to see yours!  Future posts will explore how and why we should use these 360 degree panoramas in the classroom!

BBG Rockefeller Rose Gardens

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