Thinglink Summer VR Challenge: Travel Guide

This week’s challenge was to create a Travel Guide using a panoramic image!  I am really excited about the many possibilities for combining Thinglink and Canva for a host of projects!  Visit my travel guide here.  I am hoping to use this as a mentor project this year! One of my goals is to create awareness […]

Kid Lit Review: Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan

PYOUR FATE IS NOT YET SEALED. EVEN IN THE DARKEST NIGHT, A STAR WILL SHINE, A BELL WILL CHIME, A PATH WILL BE REVEALED. (FROM ECHO) Pam Munoz Ryan has written a lyrical Historical Fiction/Fantasy novel that begins and ends with a fairytale.  Three sisters have been cast out at birth by their monarch father  because […]

VR Is Here But Is It Safe for Our Kids?

As an experienced educator with a passion for teaching yg, learning and thoughtful integration of technology into the classroom, I have carefully noted the recent explosion of “Virtual Reality” into our real world.  What is “Virtual Reality?”  Think of those headsets, either the Google Cardboard ones or the higher-end Samsung, which cover a person’s […]

Thinglink Summer VR Challenge: Week One

I am really enjoying being a part of the Thinglink Summer Challenge.  In addition to creating “My Digital Self,”  Susan Oxnevad, the leader of the Thinglink Summer Challenge, asked us to explore the VR editor this week and create some tags for a panoramic picture.  Here’s my first Thinglink-tagged 360 VR panorama.  What do you […]

Thinglink Summer VR Challenge

I am so excited about participating in the Thinglink Summer VR Challenge!  Thinglink is a tool to add content to digital images or videos. Every week, the technologically talented Susan Oxnevad will post a challenge.  This week’s challenge is “Design Your Digital Self” which helped me learn how to add links and customize buttons.Design Your […]

PD Book Review: Who’s Doing the Work?

The latest book by Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris is a clarion call to all reading teachers and administrators to rethink reading instruction.  Over the last few years, there has been an emphasis on leveling readers and books in the classroom and a growing reliance on basal reading series as the cornerstone of reading instruction […]