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Thinglink Summer VR Challenge: Travel Guide

This week’s challenge was to create a Travel Guide using a panoramic image!  I am really excited about the many possibilities for combining Thinglink and Canva for a host of projects!  Visit my travel guide here.  I am hoping to use this as a mentor project this year!

One of my goals is to create awareness about “process” with my students as much as “product.”  To that end, I walked myself through the research process for this travel guide and created a slideshow in Smilebox that documents the process of asking questions about an image and then sorting, categorizing and prioritizing those questions, which form the basis of the research project.  The new learning is then made public using some sort of presentation format- in this case, I chose to create an interactive travel guide.

I also became much more aware of the disastrous effect that global warming is having on all these small islands.  They lived in fear of being washed away in the very real future.  Listen to this eloquently powerful poem by Kathy Jetnil Kijner and be forever moved.


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