Global Read Aloud 2016

The Global Read Aloud is the beautiful brainchild of Pernille Ripp who has inspired close to a million participants this year to make connections through a shared book.  Starting October 3rd through November 11th, classrooms will connect around one of five age-appropriate selections above. If you missed  EdCollaborative Day of PD, I hope find time to […]

Make It Stick Book Review

Memory is the mother of all wisdom.                                           Aeschylus                                               Prometheus Bound Reading the first sentence in the preface of Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III and Mark A. McDaniel […]

September Multimedia Contest: Inspired by Peter H. Reynolds

The T For eighteen years, I had the pleasure of hosting a monthly Writing Contest at Kensico School for Grades 3-5.  I loved the process of selecting a theme, creating flyers and certificates but, most of all, being able to read and celebrate the amazing student work.  I am currently working on a handbook for teachers […]

The HyperDoc Handbook

The HyperDoc Handbook is one of those rare professional development books that truly will transform your teaching.  This book shows you how to take your existing lessons and digital resources and combine them into a streamlined presentation that increases student engagement, accountability and agency. You will be provided with a myriad of resources along the […]