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The HyperDoc Handbook


The HyperDoc Handbook is one of those rare professional development books that truly will transform your teaching.  This book shows you how to take your existing lessons and digital resources and combine them into a streamlined presentation that increases student engagement, accountability and agency.

You will be provided with a myriad of resources along the way, most notably the Teachers Give Teachers site, which allows you to search for freely given HyperDoc lessons, customizable for your own classroom or Professional Learning Community.  This site is truly an amazing collection of high quality learning resources, including this guide, authored through teacher collaboration, to the novel, Pax.

This book so inspired me that I signed up for the HyperDoc Bootcamp, taught by the authors.  I highly recommend this course after reading this book because I was able to learn much more about HyperDocs and Google apps and extensions, like Read&Write, as part of a community of vibrant and generous educators.  As part of the course, we were guided to create, share and assess HyperDocs.  The culmination of the 4-week course was a “Sharefest” where teachers were invited to share their HyperDocs in a Google Hangout with the group.

Here are three of my recently created HyperDocs:

A Reader’s Companion for Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan

A 6-Week Creative Writing Bootcamp for Teachers

Learning about Virtual Reality/360 Panoramas

(Note that a HyperDoc does not have to contain ALL elements of your lesson, like responding in notebooks or sketchpads, just those suitable for the digital environment.)

I highly recommend this book if you are looking to embark on a journey of learning that will positively impact all your future students and keep you organized in this age of information overload.


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  1. I am interested in your link on your home page under “recently created hyperdocs” called “A Reader’s Companion for Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan,” but the link says that it is deleted. Is it possible to check this out?

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