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Global Read Aloud 2016


The Global Read Aloud is the beautiful brainchild of Pernille Ripp who has inspired close to a million participants this year to make connections through a shared book.  Starting October 3rd through November 11th, classrooms will connect around one of five age-appropriate selections above.

If you missed  EdCollaborative Day of PD, I hope find time to view some of the 19 workshops, along with Christopher Lehman’s Introduction and Katherine Bomer’s Keynote.  One workshop not to be missed is Workshop 11 with Pernille Ripp.    It gives information about the history of the Global Read Aloud and suggestions for implementation.  but the highlight was to hear students speak about the impact that GRA has had on their lives.  You will be signing up for Global Read Aloud right after hearing these articulate young people speak so movingly.

Let me know if you would like to connect over one of the GRA books this year!


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