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Look Around! Aurora Borealis VR Lesson



Image: Juan Carlos Casado

Using my VR Framework for Learning, I created a second VR Lesson (see the first one here) using Thinglink and a 360 image posted by Ulla Engestrom.  (Thank you, Juan Carlos Casado for sharing this stunning image!)

Thinglink has a new “remix” feature which allows you to to take an existing 360 image with tags and modify it.  For example, you could take this lesson and edit, delete, or add tags to personalize this  lesson for your students.

This lesson invites students to start by looking at the image with a partner and then tagging the image with their own questions.  Giving students this time for exploration and inquiry is an important tenet of place-based education.  These questions can then be sorted and prioritized by the students and form an authentic starting part for research.

Looking forward to seeing student projects based on these VR lessons!




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