Structured Word Inquiry: Adding Meaning and History to Spelling/Phonics Instruction

“Structured Word Inquiry”, developed by Peter Bowers and John Kirby (2010), adds layers of meaning, history and critical thinking to traditional phonics and spelling instruction. It’s also a protocol for deep understanding of content area vocabulary.  Done well, it allows teachers and students to uncover the stories behind words by understanding the history of the word […]

BookJoy: Making a Difference

  I had such a hard decision to make recently!  Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project Reunion and Bank Street Book Fest were on the same day!  Both offer such amazing professional development opportunities for teachers!  I decided to attend the TC Reunion but only after I realized that I could get a list of […]

The Global Read Aloud 2018 Starts Today! One of the most exciting literacy projects for any home or classroom is The Global Read Aloud. Started 9 years ago by esteemed educator, Pernille Ripp, it asks that participants read, discuss and share their thoughts about books over a 6 week time period.  This year’s selections are: Picture Book Author Study Julie Flett, Monique […]