The Peep

yellow chick on blue textile

        “When will the first frog peep?” Pinkletink asked Grady.      “When you peep,” Grady answered. “Whoever asks is the first peeper.”      “I withdraw my question,” Pinkletink said.      “Impossible,” said Grady.       The frogs chanted, “You can do it!”        Pinkletink took a deep breath and …nothing.      “You can do it!” said Grady      “You can do it!” the […]


“Empower children and show them their voices matter.” Patricia Newman “…ignite a sense of wonder about things we don’t understand and convey it’s okay not to know. It would show that we all have a role to play that, we are a functional, important part of the vastness.” Seth Fishman Perhaps we don’t choose to […]

#50 Precious Words Contest

The writer, Vivian Kirkfield’s #50PreciousWords contest, asks adults (a children’s #50PreciousWords is coming later in the year) to create a story using just 50 words! Such a fun and creative exercise. Here’s my entry: Nicky and the Night TerrorsBy Mona Voelkel Nicky wanted a good night’s sleep but… Monday: Blobs chased him.Tuesday: Robbers cornered him.Wednesday: […]