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#50 Precious Words Contest

Art by Vicki Fang

The writer, Vivian Kirkfield’s #50PreciousWords contest, asks adults (a children’s #50PreciousWords is coming later in the year) to create a story using just 50 words! Such a fun and creative exercise. Here’s my entry:

Nicky and the Night Terrors
By Mona Voelkel

Nicky wanted a good night’s sleep but…

Monday: Blobs chased him.
Tuesday: Robbers cornered him.
Wednesday: Quicksand caught him.
Thursday: Sharks circled him.
Friday: Wolves surrounded him.
Saturday: Nicky turned to the spiders and yelled, “You go away!”
Sunday: Nicky woke up and never had night terrors again.

I think this exercise is, similar to the one page plays we used to write for playwriting class, a wonderful way to get practice story writing. It is also an incredibly enjoyable learning experience to see how other writers rose to this challenge! The contest is open until March 7th! Contest information and entries here.

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  1. Just love this!
    I still remember some scary dreams from when I was young and the lovely ending would have been such a comfort to me.

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