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The Peep

   yellow chick on blue textile

     “When will the first frog peep?” Pinkletink asked Grady.

     “When you peep,” Grady answered. “Whoever asks is the first peeper.”

     “I withdraw my question,” Pinkletink said.

     “Impossible,” said Grady. 

     The frogs chanted, “You can do it!”  

     Pinkletink took a deep breath and …nothing.

     “You can do it!” said Grady

     “You can do it!” the frogs chanted.

     He took a deep breath and………….nothing….not a peep.

      “I can do it!” Pinkletink thought.

      Inhaling deeply, Pinkletink bottled up the air inside him until the great sac beneath his chin ballooned and…………he released the first high trilling thrilling peep of spring.

     Grady and all the frogs cheered and then joined Pinkletink in a chorus of peeping that rang out across the forest.

     “You did it,” peeped Grady.

     “You did it,” peeped all the frogs in the forest

     “I did it,” peeped Pinkletink.  “But you helped me believe that I could.”



THE PEEP is my entry for the #SpringFlingKidlit contest, hosted by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal. Thank you so much to Kaitlyn and Ciara for creating this amazing opportunity for writers to craft a spring-themed story for kids 12 and under.

The story should include a spring-themed GIF and be 150 words or less. Read more about the contest, enter your own story, or get links to all the entries here.

THE PEEP was inspired by a childhood experience that I call, The Jump, where I was afraid to make the jump that was a rite of passage on my Bronx street.

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  1. Truly a story about gaining confidence, having friends, and feeling good about oneself. Very enjoyable.

  2. Yay for overcoming fear! I am right there with your little toady! This is me whenever I speak to large crowds of adults. And man I need some of that energy from your gif!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and sharing your own experience! I so appreciate all the time you have given to this contest! Love the GIF/writing combination! I ran writing contests for kids for many years and they would have loved this creative challenge!

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