2-22-22 Celebration!

2-22-22  Celebrate Reduplication Day! Recently, a member of my Structured Word Inquiry community posted about reduplication. It occurred to me that next Tuesday, February 2nd, 2022, would be the the perfect day to celebrate reduplication, something you are very familiar with even if you don’t know its official name. Reduplication occurs when a word or […]

“Happy” Word Investigation

Consider having students conduct Structured Word Investigations (Bowers, 2010) by hand as much as possible. Consider using a “real” dictionary and etymological reference and encourage students to write out word sums with a real pen as a way to practice handwriting while reinforcing orthographic understandings. Students enjoy and reinforce learning by creating an aesthetically pleasing […]

Benefits of Teaching Chancery Handwriting

European girl with arms outstretched, showing palms, stop. girl playing, being a kid

Whenever I see something written in Chancery Script, I sigh with pleasure. It looks so beautiful with its its flow and flourishes. I liked it even more when I found out that the Chancery “hand” as it is called, originated in the Rennaissance as part as the “humanist” movement: Humanists sought to create a citizenry […]