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Angry MeBook Title: Angry Me

Author: Sandra V. Feder

Illustrations: Rahele Jomepour Bell

Publisher & Year: Groundwood Books, 2022

Intended Age: 3-6 years

Topic/Themes: Emotions & Feelings, Self-Esteem

Opening Line: “I get angry.”

Synopsis:A young girl explains all the ways she feels angry. Relatable vignettes, paired with expressive illustrations, guide readers through a variety of “angries,” including, “‘It’s my turn,’ angry” and “‘I can do it’ angry.” The book compassionately explores the difficulties (and successes) of putting feelings into words. This book builds self-awareness and cultivates acceptance of our emotions,

What I love about this book: I could look at that angry face on the cover all day! The cover and the illustrations are so evocative and nuanced. I also enjoyed the purplish palette and rich tones in every illustration. I thought that the text of this book so beautifully captured how immediate and overwhelming anger can be. I was rooting for the young girl throughout the story and found the ending moving and very satisfying.  This is a book that belongs on every PK-2 shelf, to be pulled out when emotions run high or as part of ongoing social-emotional learning.


Groundwood Teacher Guide

Sandra V. Feder Author Website

Rahele Jomepour Bell Illustrator Website

Before Reading: Show students the cover and title. Ask students to predict what just happened and what they think will happen next.

After Reading: Ask students for their reactions and favorite parts.

Writing: Using this book as a mentor text, select an emotion and draw a picture and/or write a story featuring that emotion. For example, Happy Me, Embarrassed Me, Curious Me

This review is part of PPBF (Perfect Picture Book Friday) where bloggers share great picture books. Organized and curated by author Susanna Leonard Hill, she keeps an ever-growing list of Perfect Picture Books. #PPBF

I received this signed book as part of a giveaway hosted on Vivian Kirkfield’s blog. 

Thanks for stopping by ! Have you read this book? Let me know in the comments.

Reflections on this Book: I really love the focus on being able to express, with specific language, the kind of angry, or emotion, we are, to ourselves and others. Sometimes children (and adults) can be swept away by strong emotions, and this powerful book validates those emotions and offers coping strategies. I will also be returning to this book, again and again, as a writer, for how Sandra V. Feder has crafted such a beautiful read-aloud. Her language just flows and, along with Bell’s evocative images, this is a story I can’t wait to read aloud to a group of children!

I received training in Marc Brackett’s RULER technique for helping students (or anyone) identify and manage emotions, and felt like this book is a perfect complement to that approach or any conversation on emotional resilience.

Thank you so much to Vivian Kirkfield and Karen Engler for my copy of this book, and to Sandra V. Feder and Rahele Jomepour Bell for their engaging and thoughtful book.

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  1. I love the face on the cover – it is perfect! And the various types of angry. I love the idea of talking about “I can do it” anger versus “you hurt me” type. Being able to talk about those is important.

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