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Title of Board Book: MY LOVE FOR YOU

Author: Lisa Varchol Perron

Illustrator: Sheryl Murray

Publisher & Year: Little Simon, 2023

Intended Age: Birth – 4 year old

Topic/Themes: Family Bonds, Cycles/Change, Poetry

Opening Page:

Today let’s soak up summertime
before it turns to fall.
Gather sand and pack it tight
to build a castle wall.

Synopsis (from the publisher): “A sandcastle falls with a wave, a seagull swoops down for a precious cracker, a looming thunderstorm means beach time is over, and summer draws to a close. Although most everything changes or comes to an end, a parent’s love never does. It endures and reassures no matter what.”

What I love about this book: This book is so uplifting and true. I immediately sent this book to my daughter-in-law as a Mother’s Day gift. Don’t forget to put this on your list as the perfect gift for a new baby. The repeating refrain, “…except my love for you” really works beautifully across the story. I love that it includes a part where the child breaks a shell but the mother reiterates her unconditional love. I can see this book being pulled from the bookshelf again and again. I appreciate the craft of being able to tell this story in rhyme and build to a satisfying ending.

10 Hands-on Activities to Teach a Child About Love:

Before Reading: Show students the cover and title. Ask students to describe what they see on the cover and make predictions about the story. Do a Picture Walk before reading. Look at each page and have students identify emotions by examining facial expressions.

Reading: Consider reading and/or rereading the book on several consecutive days. Invite young readers to move to the rhythm of the story and join in on the repeating refrain and/or the rhyming lines.

10 Hands-on Activities to Teach a Child About Love:

Lisa Varchol Perron’s Website:

Writing: Let’s examine the structure of this lovely book:
Linear Narrative Structure
Settings (Place and Time): Beach, Home/ Over the course of a day
Characters: Mother and child
Problem/Resolution: Everything ends except my love for you.
Poetic Structure
10 quatrains.
Each quatrain has an a-b-c-b rhyme scheme
Title is also the last line of the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th quatrain.

Writing Prompt: Write something inspired by your reading of MY LOVE FOR YOU by Lisa Varchol Perron!

(Poem by Mona Voelkel inspired by MY LOVE FOR YOU by Lisa Varchol Perron.)

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